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Posted over 1 year ago by Takaya Brown

Hello Everyone,
As CAPRN closes out another year, the election for board and committee members is upon us. Please see below for the open positions available to serve on the CAPRN board and subcommittees needed to move forward to our next legislative sessions. There is a short window of time to nominate candidates for open positions.

Nominees must be paid members of an official organization that has a current paid membership to CAPRN or a paid Individual Member of CAPRN. Students sponsored by organization members are welcome be nominated for committee members but not chair positions (any UAPRN member qualitfies)

Please note that all positions require regular attendance and participation in meetings and committee activities.

Please email nominations by Friday 5PM EST May 26th 2017 to:

Survey Monkey Voting poll will be sent out via email through all organizations that are 2017 members of CAPRN at 9am EST Saturday May 27th 2017 and close by Friday June 2nd 12:01 am EST.

Thank you for your support.

CAPRN Vice Chair (current)
Georgia CNS President (current)

Candidates at large: CAPRN BOARD OFFICERS

  1. Chair: ___________________________
  2. Vice-Chair: _____________________
  3. Secretary: _______________________
  4. Treasurer: ________________________
    a) *Treasurer is member of fundraising committee but not the chair!
    b) Recruit New and retain existing organizational members
    c) Monitors organizations membership dues
    d) Send out invoices for Annual dues collection
    e) Advises Board of financial standing
    f) Generates reports of current and projected spending and funds needed

Candidates at large: Committee Servants
A) Legislative Liaison: _______________________________
a) 6 Regional Legislative Leaders Plus (TBA)_____________________
b) Each Organizational member sends one or more CAPRN Representative _______________________________________________
c) Each UAPRN Chapter also is encouraged to send Representative_______________________________________________
d) Monthly calls out of session
e) Bi-weekly Calls in session
f) Charged with continuing to Build grassroots network,
g) Regional Leg. Leaders will work toward recruiting a GA Senatorial District leader for each district in the defined Zone.
Legislative Committee: I )_____________
II )_____________
Legislative Committee members will collaborate with the Legislative Liaison and support the efforts and legislative initiatives for CAPRN on a as needed basis as directed by the liaison and/or the CAPRN board officers.
B). Conference Committee Chair:_______________
(1) Organizes and collaborates with the board)to design & drive legislative Bootcamps for CE around the state.
(2) Works with other groups/organizations to ensure that CAPRN is well represented at all Georgia APRN conferences and legislative conferences such as biennial in Athens 2018 etc.
(3) Helps to design & drive CAPRN workshop conference to support fund raising efforts with Fund raising committee and treasurer.
C). Fundraising/Membership Committee:
Chair: _______________
1) Seeks out opportunities for fund raising events
2) Liaison for Donation drives
3) Organizes Vendor opportunities for events in collaboration with
Fundraising Committee Members:
II _______________
Support Fundraising chair with directed tasks
E). Website Coordinator:______________
1)Build up lists-serves
2) look at Text Alert notification system options when time sensitive action in needed
3) Disseminate call to action as directed by the board members
4) Communicates with the website designer for web design needs or changes


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